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Liebe Golffreunde,

Ich hoffe Sie haben schön ins neue Jahr gefeiert und ich wünsche ihnen alles erdenklich Gute für 2014.

Falls Sie sich vorgenommen haben Ihr Golf dieses Jahr zu verbessern und nicht länger “Konfetti Golf” spielen wollen, indem Sie unnötige Schläge wegwerfen wollen während der Runde, dann haben wir den perfekten Vorschlag für Sie.

 Melden Sie sich doch einfach zu einer unserer TourSchool Coaching Wochen an. Wir zeigen und erklären Ihnen wie Sie durch unsere “Stress Less” Konzept besser und konstanter Performen können.

Für mehr Informationen zu unsere 2014 Reisen klicken Sie bitte auf den folgenden Link.

Wir würden uns sehr freuen Sie auf einer unserer Reisen Begrüßen zu dürfen.

LG aus Dubai,

Elisabeth Esterl & Neil Webb

It took some time……



Dear Friends,
Firstly I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. May that year be filled will love, happiness, good health and many unforgettable and great moments.
Unfortunately I haven’t been very active on my blog site but I will try to keep you better informed throughout the year about what is going on with some interesting projects I am involved in.We had a super Christmas and Neil’s daughter Lia spent it with us. We toured the UAE with friends and we watched the fireworks together on New Years Eve so that was a special time. We had this picture taken on a trip to Fujairah which was interesting for us all.

We have been back in Dubai since the middle of November. I had been working hard on my game leading up to the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters and I really thought I was on the right track. Our TourSchool trip to Greece really got me excited about hitting the ball well again. Neil and I have worked hard for a long time now to get my technique in a better place. Like so many golfers it seems to be far easier when the stress levels are low. Unfortunately the tournament break since July showed me how rusty my tournament mindset had become. I constantly keep putting myself under such pressure to perform in order to prove something instead of just enjoying the game as I do in the social games.

I can’t figure out where I lost that competitive and driven hunger to win but I must be honest that these days I do struggle to find it. My thoughts are more filled with how not to mess up when in a good position rather than being excited to go out and show what I’m made of. I guess that’s what happens when bad things happen so often and it’s simply not a constructive way to approach tournament golf or something that a Tour player can afford to think. The standard on Tour these days is so high that you need to be both physically and mentally in the right place to compete.
The main thing that I have learned is that even if you swing well on the range you cannot perform well if your mindset is not right. We have got a lot of projects going on with the Designed on Tour Clothing and with our TourSchool Coaching trips. Sometimes I don’t know where to focus or start next. It’s good for the future and bad for my golf. Sometimes I think it is good to get away but then when I go back it’s like starting over!

It’s not that easy to start up a new company and get the word out there about what you are doing but our passion will get us there. I’m looking forwards to jump all hurdles that might be in the way. Business and golf have a lot in common. You have to focus on the now and have an ability to forget the past and work hard towards your goals in the future.
As a Tour professional it’s a real challenge to start a life away from the Tour and to know what you can do after your career comes to an end. I think it takes a while to regroup and find out where your passion draws you. Thanks to Neil’s support and endless ideas I have found things I love doing and now as a result I don’t have the same passion for my own golf. Instead I get great pleasure out helping and coaching other golfers and passing on my experience.

Designing and producing our DOT clothing has been and still is a great learning experience. It is not always easy to find the right partners to share your passion and vision and help you create your products. The positive in it all is that I have learned more by doing every step of every process involved than I could ever have learned at a fashion college.

2014 means a New Year and for us a brand new start. We will leave Dubai in the middle of March and spend more of our time in Portugal and Spain which is perfect and has great resorts for our golf trips. We have also been working on plans to organize golf coaching trips and sightseeing trips to my home county of Bavaria. It’s such a wonderful area in the summer months to visit. Our great cities, our beer gardens, wonderful romantic lakes, amazing sightseeing and the lovely people make the place something very special.

Although Germany is not known for its golf we plan to get people over to try out what we have to offer. Next year the Solheim Cup will be in Germany and hopefully that might help to get the game’s popularity raised. The European summer is the best in the world with long sunny evenings which we both love. Lots of time for a few holes in the evening followed by some grilling!
Well, I have shocked myself as that was a deep and emotional blog for me but that’s what how my mind writes today. Today was raining in Dubai and so we have spent the entire day organizing and writing for TourSchool. Tomorrow we will be back confirming and adjusting new sample styles for both Gents and Ladies Polo’s for the 2014 DOT Collection and so the next blog might be very different.

I also wanted to mention that we are offering two great coaching trips in March and April to Spain and Portugal. We are introducing our “Stress Less” Concept of coaching at TourSchool and we have worked very hard on producing something we know will help people to improve and enjoy their golf more.
Maybe you are interested to learn from our experiences?
Golf Pros don’t come much more passionate than Neil and myself and we know we can help your game and your mindset!

Lastly I wish you all the best and I would love to hear some feedback from you,

Best wishes for now,


Start working on your game NOW before it’s too late…2014 is coming fast!


There are still places available on our TourSchool Training Trip to Costa Navarino in Greece in a few weeks time. TourSchool is open to anybody and everybody who wants to increase their knowledge and improve their game.

Lesson #1.It’s a big problem to expect better things by doing nothing.

Lesson #2.Winter is the best time to start planning and practising new things for 2014.

Lesson #3.Q. Biggest mistake in Golf? A.Waiting.

Send me a message immediately if you are interested to join us in Greece.

We teach basics you simply cant afford to ignore!
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The Shop is now Online at

We have worked and worked and worked some more, poor Neil is now ready for a 10 year break but I know we will find some things to optimise so no rest for him unfortunately!  We really hope that you like what you see, if you need more information then please do not hesitate to get in touch either through this Blog or the Shop.

Gents, don’t worry, it’s on the way, Ladies please take your time to look at the great styles we have and there will be more coming but I don’t have many of each…we always work on Limited Editions.

Very best wishes,

Lisl x

Booking NOW!

Time for the Winter Training to start...

Time for the Winter Training to start…

Dear Golfer,

If you are looking to improve your game over the Winter then my TOURSCHOOL could be the just the way to do it!

We are open to all Golfers who want to use the time over the Winter to raise the level of their game in absolutely fantastic surroundings. All areas of the game are covered and we play 5 Rounds of Golf and practice at least 3 Hours (more if you like!) every golfing day.

The Instruction is in English and German and the trips can be booked from anywhere through our Travel Partners.

Fairway Golf Travel are now taking the bookings but should you have any questions then please contact me OR Fairway Golf Travel directly for more information. I hope to see you soon.

Lisl Esterl & Neil Webb


TourSchool Costa Navarino


TourSchool Costa Navarino

Möchten Sie Ihre Schläge verbessern und konstanter Scoren? Beim Tägliches Training und Coaching auf dem Platz gibt es viele nützlichen Tipps und Erklärungen für Ihr Spiel. Begleiten Sie uns zur “TourSchool” Coaching Woche nach Costa Navarino, Griechenland.
Lg Lisl

TourSchool Golfreisen 2013/2014


Hallo liebe Golffreunde,

Hier sind die Termine für unsere TourSchool Golfreisen. Beim täglichen Training und Spiel mit uns werden wir Ihnen unser Motto näher bringen, “Keep it Simple”.
Wir werden Ihnen zeigen wie Sie mehr Kontrolle über den Golfball bekommen können. Erst wenn Sie das verstehen können Sie in große und schnelle Schritte Ihr Spiel verbessern.
Wenn Sie weitere Fragen zur unseren Reisen oder Programmablauf haben, können Sie uns gerne kontaktieren.

Lisl Esterl & Neil Webb
TourSchool Pros

Dear Golfer,

Here are the dates for our TourSchool Coaching Trips. Daily training both on the range and on the course will help you to understand our motto “Keep it simple”.
On our trips we will show you how to get more control over the ball, and as soon as you understand how this area of the game works the improvements come thick and fast.
If you have any questions regarding the travel or the concept with which TourSchool works, please contact us directly through this site.

Elisabeth Esterl & Neil Webb
TourSchool Pros